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Upper Trinity River (above Trinity Lake)

The Trinity River, above Trinity Lake, is a beautiful classic freestone western mountain trout stream, with deep pools, long riffles, great pocket water, and a high density of native riverine insects, including caddis, stoneflies, mayflies and midges. It is a perfect fly fishing stream to fish a mid-length, medium-action 3 to 5 wt. rod and floating line.

The river flows straight through the middle of Eagle Creek Ranch, affording Bob a long stretch of private water, on which to fish with, and instruct his clients. All fishing on the upper Trinity is wade-in fishing.


Best times of the year to fish the Upper Trinity River


Trout season on the upper Trinity opens the last Sat. in April. This is usually a time of high, fast water. These fish are most often taken by dead drifting weighted nymphs, using high stick, short line tactics in pocket waters, with or without indicators.

The high flows recede by early July most years. Trout can then be caught using small nymphs, dries, and wet flies dead drifted in the seams and pocket water.

Autumn flows are typically low and extremely clear, with warmer water and often reluctant fish. The trout will take dries, small nymphs and wet flies fished carefully on light lines and long leaders. Early morning and late evenings are usually prime time in autumn.The season closes in early October.

The upper Trinity is not open to fishing during the late fall, winter and early spring.


Highlight Species:
Rainbow and Brown Trout from 6" to 6 lbs.
Wild rainbows and browns travel upstream from the lake during the spring. Trout are stocked during the summer, and well into the fall.
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