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Trinity Alps Lakes and Streams

Dozens of small alpine lakes and streams throughout the Alps provide picturesque mini-paradises for anglers who enjoy tossing flies at trout from pan-sized to several pounds in the peace and solitude of the high country.

Bob hikes in to fish some of the closer and more accessible streams and lakes. He accesses the more remote venues using the services of local U.S. Forest Service permitted stock packers for single and multiple day outings. He can arrange these adventures with adequate notice.

Even the more accessible lakes offer an abundance of peace and quiet, and a wonderful place to fly fish. For those who are comfortable tackling some of the more remote lakes on foot and on their own, the sky's the limit.

Best times of the year to fish the Alps

Mid-June - early-October

Trout fishing in the high mountain lakes and streams can be good from late spring to early autumn, depending on elevation and water temperatures. These fish take bait, flies, or spinners.

It must be recognized that in the higher elevations of the surrounding mountains, dangerous weather can occur on a year around basis. People who want to safely enjoy these venues should be well equipped, well versed in mountain travel and survival, and fit enough to handle themselves if the unexpected occurs.

Highlight Species:
Pan-sized Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout, occasionally to several pounds
The Backcountry Horsemen stock hatchery raised trout in the mountain lakes and streams every year in July. Aircraft stocking Is employed in some of the more distant and hard to reach venues.
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