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Lewiston Lake

The spot that originally brought Bob to Trinity County in the mid-seventies, Lewiston lake is one of the area's best kept secret treasures. Lewiston enjoys fine trout fishing year-round (in season) due to its cold source water flowing out from deep under the Trinity dam, several hundred feet below the surface.

The upper end of the lake fishes much like a large spring creek. Most of the fish are hatchery raised rainbows and browns, but they can be as shy and selective as wild trout. The lake normally fishes best above Lakeview Terrace.

The state record German Brown trout was caught in Lewiston in the mid-seventies.

As part of his instructional courses, Bob guides fly fishing on the upper section of the lake, where the water flow is continuous, as well as the feeder stream mouths, using a power boat.

Best times of the year to fish Lewiston Lake

Winter fish key on small Chironomid midge pupae dead drifted under indicators.

Late Spring to Late Fall
These fish key on Callibaetis mayflies, and can quickly switch from taking small nymphs dead drifted deep, to rising to emergers, cripples, duns, and spinners. Long leaders, light tippet, and delicate perfect presentations are the order of the day.

Large browns spawn in the fall in the feeder streams on the upper east side of the lake. They can be targeted using streamers on sinking line at the stream mouth drop offs into the deeper water of the main channel.

Highlight Species:
Rainbow Trout up to 15 lbs.
Primarily hatchery raised stocked populations are found in Lewiston, with anglers taking them on bait, spinners and flies.
German Brown Trout up to 20 lbs.
Browns can be caught using streamers fished deep using sinking lines. The old state record brown (22 lbs.) was caught on Lewiston Lake.
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