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Bass Fishing Trips and Instruction

Bob offers bass fishing trips and instruction on Trinity Lake, Shasta, Whiskeytown and the Keswick Reservoir. All trips are conducted aboard his 23 foot Lowe Silhouette, the Bass Ackwards. This fishing platform allows Bob's guests to access the best water at speed, and in comfort.

Fishing trips are available for half and full day outings. Instructional courses last from 2 hours to a full day, and can be enjoyed on their own, or combined with a fishing trip for a comprehensive fishing experience.

Bob and Linda's ranch, Eagle Creek Ranch, is an excellent place from which to enjoy a multinight bass (and/or fly) fishing experience. Please contact us for more information on extending your fishing experience beyond a one-day outing.

Fishing Trips
Fishing trips can be done as straightforward fishing experiences, or they can be oriented around specific skills instruction.
Full Day Trips on the Bass Ackwards
Water: Trinity Lake, Whiskeytown, Keswick Reservoir, Lake Shasta
Price: $425.00
Half Day Trips on the Bass Ackwards
Water: Trinity Lake
Price: $300.00
Fishing Instruction

These are a sampling of the bass fishing courses that Bob teaches. Each course consists of personal instruction from Bob, combined with practical application in real-world settings.

Course Cost: $50 per hour

Understanding Equipment
Rods, Reels, Lines and Accessories
Boats, Motors, Electronics, and Equipment Care
From Plugs and Poppers to Plastic Worms -- including jerk baits, crank baits, top water baits, reaction baits, tubes, frogs, plastic salamanders, plastic flukes, suspending baits, spoons, jigs and flies.
Casting and Rigging
Fighting and Landing Fish
Fishing for Bass
Finding Fish
Techniques for Catching Fish -- including finesse bait fishing, drop shooting, vertical jigging, twitching, ripping, walking the dog, flipping, trolling and more


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