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Trinity Fishing Guide

Become a More Complete Fisherman in the Trinity Alps

With almost any competent guide, when the fish are cooperative, you're going to catch fish. Most often, this involves the guide taking you to good fishing spots, and showing you where to cast. Your line is rigged for you, your choice of bait is decided for you, and oftentimes you're even told when to set the hook. If your casting or line mending needs work, you may get a few pointers in the right direction, but the focus is catching fish in the here and now, and the guide will limit your approach, based on the fishing skills with which you arrived. By day's end, you've often landed quite a few fish, and you've got plenty of stories to tell the gang back home. It was a great trip!

But how much have you learned? Are you better equipped to attain that ultimate goal of the great American fisherman: doing it yourself? Have you come closer to that archetypical image that every fisherman has in his mind: the solitary you, on a crisp, clear mountain morning, engaging the fish in a one-on-one contest of wits, with only the local wildlife in attendance?

Fly Fishing and Instruction
From evaluating the fish's diet, to tying flies to match it, and a variety of casting techniques and fishing strategies, Bob can help you master the complete spectrum of skills necessary to become a self-sufficient river angler.
Bass Fishing and Instruction
Step aboard Bob's comfortable fishing boat, the Bass Ackwards, and let Bob show you some of the most pleasurable fishing in the West.

At Eagle Creek Ranch, in the heart of the Trinity Alps of Northern California, Trinity Fishing Guide, Bob Cunningham, teaches his guests the art and science of fishing from start to finish. Teaching both river-based fly fishing, and trophy bass fishing on Trinity, Shasta and other area lakes, Bob emphasizes developing a complete array of skills from equipment selection, fly-tying and understanding what fish eat, to casting, finding fish and advanced fishing strategies.

Bob teaches his clients on a variety of area water, including an exclusive stretch of the Trinity River that runs right through the heart of the ranch, Trinity Lake, the lower Trinity, the Sacramento, the Scott and more. He instructs clients of all skill levels, from novice fishermen to more experienced anglers seeking to improve their skill level or learn a new discipline. Father and son teams (and mother and daughter teams for that matter) are welcome.

Come visit Bob at the ranch, and let him share his over 50 years of fishing experience with you in one of Northern California's most beautiful and undiscovered locations.

Robert Cunningham, dba Trinity Fishing Guide , is a permittee of the Shasta Trinity National Forests and is an equal opportunity service provider.
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